North Sydney Council calls for a halt in station development, and for new design options

At its meeting on 25 June 2018, the Council received a report from staff concerning the rush to approve the over station development at the Victoria Cross metro station.

Five members of the Committee for North Sydney addressed the Council, pointing out that this was a critical moment: the massive private commercial building proposed for the site would greatly worsen the congested and bleak nature of North Sydney’s streets, and permanently close off options for good public spaces.

The Council’s subsequent decision, supported by the Mayor and all Councillors other than Cr Keen (absent: conflict of interest) and Cr Gunning, was as follows.

1   THAT Council make a submission to the concept State Significant Development Application for the Victoria Cross Metro Over Station Development.

2   THAT the submission advocate design excellence and design options that promote a public plaza providing a heart for the North Sydney CBD including:

  • Consideration of no building above the station;
  • The alignment of the setback of any built form with the MLC building; and
  • Full or partial closure of Miller Street between Berry Street and Pacific Highway.

3   THAT Transport for NSW and the Roads and Maritime Services acknowledge the role of Metro in this location as a basis to achieve enormous mode shift benefits, high levels of pedestrian amenity and an attractive and inviting precinct post Metro and that the current through-traffic function of both Miller and Berry Streets is at odds with this objective.

4   THAT the submission be informed by submissions received from all Precincts.

5   THAT Council write to the Minister responsible seeking further community consultation in relation to revised design options.

The Committee for North Sydney strongly supports the call by the Council for revised design options, and for further community consultation.

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