Great opportunities

North Sydney has always had fantastic qualities and advantages. (The views are great, but some of those advantages have been mixed blessings in a city centre sloping away from the sun towards the south-easterly winds, for instance — something that now needs to be acknowledged and positively addressed as a planning and design issue.)

North Sydney has in the past been the HQ for industries that magnify information, communication, design and innovation.

And it’s happening again!

It’s time to think big!

The Committee for North Sydney was formed — in June 2018 — with a positive mission: to build a sense of excitement around the potential of Australia’s sixth largest CBD as a place for people — building on the great social capital and fabulous environment of the whole of North Sydney.

All of the Committee’s contributions have been made in this spirit. Here are just two of them.

Five Big Ideas A simple and achievable set of ideas that work together, over time, to transform the city centre into the kind of urban environment that people want to go to, want to work in, and simply want to be in.

The MLC Building in 2040 Nothing is more certain. An imaginative adaptive re-use of the MLC site will define the city, bring prestige, attract many small enterprises in the creative economy, be the address of choice for civic functions, and culturally enrich the very heart of the city centre.

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