Here’s what we were doing back in December 2019

After the launch of the Committee for North Sydney in June 2018, we had a year and a half of meetings, workshops, exchanges with key people in Lendlease and Investa, meetins with Councillors and staff at the the North Sydney Council and meetings with NSW Planning. We were actively planning a public workshop around the Committee’s strategy for the dithy centre. Then Covid 19 arrived, and face-to-face activities stopped.

This was the final event:

Successful roundtable on big planning issues

“Members of the Committee for North Sydney spent the afternoon of Saturday 7 December 2019 focusing intently on two questions: What makes North Sydney North Sydney? and What are the attributes of a good city centre?

“What emerged from the session were some real insights into the key issues, some great ideas, and some radical but practical proposals.

“A report of the roundtable was discussed — and acted on — at the December meeting of the Committee for North Sydney. Watch for announcements in the new year.”