News in January

Make your Beaches Link submission

The environmental impact statement for the Beaches Link tunnels is a truly remarkable document.

(1)  It’s big. The main report has 1400 pages. The appendices amount to 10,000 pages.

(2)  Despite this complexity, community groups and individuals are doing their research and preparing comprehensive, well-argued submissions. To many, the EIS looks less like an objective assessment of impacts and more like a developer’s argument in favour of the project. Or even an investment adviser’s report on the merits of a big corporate deal.

(3)  Thanks to the impressive and thorough work of the Edwards Precinct Committee and others, we are learning that the EIS isn’t concerned about global warming, doesn’t assess rail alternatives, doesn’t consider the cumulative and long term distortions of turning our major highways into private profit centres, doesn’t consider the impacts of intelligent electric vehicles, doesn’t consider the future of commuting in to offices in CBDs, and doesn’t do any financial or economic analysis. 

Submissions close on 1 March 2021.