Crows Nest

Who thought that planning for a ‘priority precinct’ would lead to a high-rise shadow spreading across Wollstonecraft?

Who thought that developers would be anticipating a green light for 60-storey buildings in the heart of the Crows Nest village?*

Who thought that when Sydney Metro came to town with sketches of low buildings, and talk of maintaining the local character of the village, that they would now propose a row of big buildings, two of them 27 storeys high?**

Certainly not members of the community — they unanimously are up in arms.

Read the submission to Sydney Metro from the Committee for North Sydney.

Read the submissions to Sydney Metro from the Wollstonecraft Precinct Committee and the Waverton Precinct Committee.

The submission of the Greenwich Community Association is concise, lucid and compelling.

Understand the origins of Sydney Metro: see What, exactly, is Sydney Metro?

*  60-storey buildings are those buildings that disappear into the sky seemingly with no end point. They approach the scale of the MLC Centre and Chifley Tower, successively Sydney’s tallest buildings. Overwhelming. Belittling everything around them. Big traffic generators. Big shadows!

** The Crows Nest station G_R_E_W_W_W_W….

Perfectly capturing the deceit of the entire commercial project of Sydney Metro, the hoarding in place around the Crows Nest Metro site actually still shows the building on the left — a pleasant, open, sunny entrance to a local Metro station.

In reality, Sydney Metro has already determined that, no matter what, they will build an ugly and irresponsible above-ground car-park on their site. At five levels, this alone is about as high as their pretty drawing. Then they will stick twenty-two floors of apartments above it, far taller than any building in the area. Lucrative!

Sydney Metro has been given instructions by the Premier, the Minster for Transport and the Minster for Planning to get this done and committed regardless. There’s no genuine planning process: this private commercial apartment building has been deemed to be of ‘state significance’. The Minster for Planning will sign what they want into law.

Sydney Metro is about to find out that governments change their minds as elections approach.

Barbara DeGraff ‘s statement offers ideas for others in responding to Sydney Metro’s proposals. Barbara says it’s important to increase the number of objections to the over station development of the Crows Nest Metro. She encourages people to cut and paste from the statement, changing the order and maybe putting it in your own words.

Barbara’s statement can be read, copied and downloaded here.

Who to email? There’s a list here.

Write a few spontaneous words now to:

Premier Ms Gladys Berejiklian

Minister for Planning Mr Anthony Roberts

Minister for Transport Mr Andrew Constance

Member for North Shore Ms Felicity Wilson

Member for North Sydney Trent Zimmerman MP

It really makes a difference!