Joining and supporting the Association for the Committee for North Sydney

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By joining the Association for the Committee for North Sydney, or by making a generous donation, you are helping the community to shape the future of North Sydney as a place for people.

The Committee for North Sydney exists to facilitate conversations around better long-term planning and urban design.

Right now we are alerting the community to a “real and present danger” — the badly planned Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link which effectively begin in Berry Street and convert the North Sydney city centre into a freeway interchange.

The Committee for North Sydney helped raise appreciation for the ‘iconic’ MLC Building.

We were not simply focused on its distinguished past. We know from many past examples that this building — because it perfectly expressed it moment in time, because it was well designed and well built, and because it will appeal to many creative and innovative enterprises — will grow rapidly in esteem and prestige, and become, in a decade or two, a well loved landmark, a symbol of North Sydney, and the most notable and active building at the very heart of the city.

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