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We’d love you to join us in supporting the work of the Committee for North Sydney.

The Association for the Committee for North Sydney Incorporated represents all who live in or visit North Sydney, who work or do business here, and whose children go to school here.

The Association gives members of the community a vehicle for participating in and identifying with the Committee’s activities.

The Association was formed specifically to provide a formal, incorporated, registered society to set up the Committee for North Sydney, to appoint the members of the Committee, and to provide the Committee with resources and with administrative and logistical support – for instance, the Association organised and manages this website, arranges meetings for the Committee, and publishes the Committee’s work.

Join the Association and support the Committee for North Sydney

  • Anyone may join the Association as an ordinary member.
  • By joining, you will provide the financial and moral support that will enable the Committee for North Sydney to have maximum impact.
  • Members receive information on the Committee’s activities, advance notice of events and copies of the Committee’s publications.
  • Members attend the Annual General Meeting.
  • Members elect the Board that in turn appoints the members of the Committee for North Sydney.
  • There is no joining fee.
  • The annual membership fee is $50.
  • Membership fees go directly to supporting the work of the Committee for North Sydney.

We are seeking partners to support our long term work for a better North Sydney, whether community groups and NGOs (suggested support: $250) and corporations (suggested support: $500). Please contact us to discuss:

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