Our immediate aim is to alert the community to a fatal flaw in the NSW Government’s plans for the Western Harbour and Beaches Link tunnels. Your support is needed, and greatly appreciated.

Every dollar donated is used to share, explain and distribute accurate information about the avoidable traffic chaos that the NSW Government plans to inflict on North Sydney.

Donations of $50 or more include membership of the Association for the Committee for North Sydney.

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On behalf of all who will enjoy a better city centre – Thank You!

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2 Replies to “Contact/Donate”

  1. North Sydney Council is NOT working for the locals of this area. We, in Neutral Bay are about to get height rises for new developments from 5 storeys to 8-12 storeys. Proposed by Mayor in 2018…asked for LEP changes and then when Council tied used her casting vote to pass it. Tried to amalgamate precincts to dilute their influence. By closing off Young St to create ‘green space’ for all the new apartments coming up, we now have the huge delivery trucks going into Waters Rd and around the congested back streets to deliver to Woolleys. A negative effect on our community.

    1. Hi Sher Sorry to hear of yet more local effects of over development. The Committee for North Sydney is a non-partisan, non-political committee of urban experts, focused on making the city better not worse. Our mission is “to facilitate public and expert contributions to the progressive improvement of North Sydney, through strategic planning, good policy and urban design” and our immediate concern is about the very negative impacts on the city centre of the tunnels. Please have a look at the information across this website and on our Facebook page #CteeNorthSydney — and please Share with others :- )

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