Members of the Committee for North Sydney

The Association for the Committee for North Sydney invited a number of residents of North Sydney — eminent academics and professional practitioners in the fields of architecture, urban design and urban planning, and local experts and community leaders — to help the community, the local government and the state government to find ways to meet the city centre’s potential to be a great economic, cultural and community asset to the district and the state.

The membership of the Committee is a roll-call of North Sydneysiders who are  national leaders in their fields.

Kevin Alker                               Town planner

Iain Bartholomew                  Past Chair of Waverton Precinct

Terry Byrnes                            Architect and urban planner

Jeremy Dawkins                     Convenor; city and regional planner

Barbara DeGraff                    Marketing communications

Bruce Donald AM                  Environmental lawyer

Geoff Driscoll                          Architect and urban planner

Angus Finney                          Engineer, Chair of Edwards Precinct

Dr Sid French                           Structural and heritage engineer

Ian Grey                                      Chair of Waverton Precinct

John Hancox                            Chair of Wollstonecraft Precinct

Geoff Hanmer                         Architect; President, Association for the Committee for North Sydney

Professor David Hensher    Professor of Logistics and Transport

Professor Jon Lang               Urban designer

Genia McCaffery                    Former Mayor of North Sydney

Jan McCredie                           Architect, urban designer, planner

Warren Marsh                          Urban planner

Denis Moore                              Architect

Margaret Petrykowski         Architect, urban planner

Robert Stitt QC                        Chair of Lavender Bay Precinct

Bernard Smith                          Secretary of Lavender Bay Precinct

Professor James Weirick     Professor of Landscape Architecture