This section is a library of documents, including links to documents produced by the Committee for North Sydney, planning documents produced by the North Sydney Council, and other relevant documents .

Facts and values

The Committee’s call to arms to Save Berry Street from its misuse as a freeway on-ramp and to restore its sole and proper function as a sunny, leafy, pedestrian-friendly city street.

The Committee’s assessment of the heritage significance of the former MLC Building at 105 Miller Street, North Sydney.

The Committee’s integrated strategy for the North Sydney city centre,
Five Big Ideas, July 2020 (and subsequent revisions).

Wollstonecraft Precinct Committee’s submission on Sydney Metro’s Crows Nest metro station development July 2018

Committee’s submission on the Concept State Significant DA for the Victoria Cross Metro over station development July 2018

Committee’s preliminary report on the Lendlease site May 2019

Committee’s analysis of current city centre plans (‘Is this the future city centre?’)

Summary of ‘Is this the future of the city centre?’

What, exactly, is Sydney Metro?

Article by Jeremy Dawkins in SMH February 2019

UNSW article by Jeremy Dawkins on value capture March 2019

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Government plans and policies

Greater Sydney Commission: North District Plan March 2018

North Sydney Council: St Leonards Crows Nest Planning Study (precincts 2 and 3) 2015

North Sydney Council: Public domain strategy (Placebook brochure) 2019

North Sydney Council: Ward Street master plan 2019

North Sydney Council: Community Strategic Plan 2019

North Sydney Council: Placemaking policy 2019

North Sydney Council: Arts and cultural strategic plan 2019

North Sydney Council: Smart city strategy 2019

North Sydney Council: Visitor Economy Strategy 2019

North Sydney Council: Brief for Northern CBD Planning Study

North Sydney LEP 2013 (Amendment No 24) June 2019

North Sydney Council and Anson City Developers 1: Planning Agreement: Explanatory note