What is the Committee for North Sydney?

Formed in June 2018, the Committee for North Sydney is an independent group of eminent people, experts, and North Sydney stakeholders, supported by an independent, non-profit, member-governed incorporated Association that anyone can join.

The Committee exists to facilitate public and expert contributions to the progressive improvement of North Sydney, through public conversations, policy debate, and urban planning and design. It works with state government and agencies, and with local government and stakeholders, to provide input to public consultations, to provide advice, and to facilitate public involvement in specific issues and projects.

An objective of the Committee is to build a sense of excitement around the potential of one of Australia’s largest CBDs as a place for people.

The Committee invites stakeholders, members of the North Sydney community, and all those with an interest in the city, to participate in and support the Committee’s activities.

To represent all who live in North Sydney, who work or do business there, and whose children go to school there, the Association supports the Committee for North Sydney and gives members of the community a vehicle for participating in and identifying with the Committee’s activities.

The Association has an elected Board that appoints the Committee for North Sydney, and an annual general meeting with elections.

While strongly supporting improvements and extensions to Sydney’s public transport networks, the Association objects to the massive commercial office building over the Victoria Cross station — intended to be approved by executive action — the unjustified loss of Tower Square, the failure to provide the city with public benefits, the by-passing of all normal planning processes and the completely inadequate period for public discussion of a project that will change North Sydney forever.

The Association strongly supports the call by the North Sydney Council for a delay in the approval and tendering processes, and for further community consultation in relation to revised design options.

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