December elections

The Committee for North Sydney congratulates the ten candidates who were elected to the North Sydney Council.

The Committee celebrates the public spirit of those who stand for office to govern our city on behalf of us all, and wishes them a rewarding term wrestling with often difficult and complex issues that have no simple answers, and certainly no solutions that everyone agrees on! The Committee senses that the time is right to begin to recover some of the civic and community qualities of the old North Sydney — and of course to chart a new direction for the future.

We celebrate the election of the following Councillors.
Cammeraygal Ward
Maryann Beregi
Jilly Gibson
Georgia Lamb
Ian Mutton
Shannon Welch
 St Leonards Ward
Zoë Baker
William Bourke  
Alanya Drummond
Godfrey Santer  
James Spenceley

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