AGM in October 2019

From strength to strength

The Association for the Committee for North Sydney held an open AGM on Wednesday night 31 October 2019 in the Crows Nest Centre, attended by 92 members and friends, and characterised by lively discussions supporting the role of the Committee. We thank all those who made donations at the door, amounting to $650.

Denis Moore demonstrated how the Pacific Highway in Crows Nest can be progressively transformed into a grander, much denser boulevard consistent with the great urban qualities of Crows Nest — before we lose the lot from unplanned spot-zoned skyscrapers.

Elizabeth Farrelly gave an insightful, witty and thought-provoking address on ‘the value of city planning’. Quote: ‘So what is planning actually for?…It seems to me that planning has one job: to defend the public interest (and so to value and create the public spaces).’

A new Board

Geoff Hanmer

Our foundation President, Ian Grey, did a fantastic job in establishing the Association as a permanent, positive, grass-roots player in shaping the future of North Sydney, but explained to the AGM that he now needed to pass on the baton. Elected to the Board were:
President: Geoff Hanmer
Vice President: Margaret Petrykowski
Secretary: Bernard Smith
Treasurer: John Hancox
Board members: Jeremy Dawkins, Genia McCaffery and Jan McCredie.

Joining is easy

It is easy to renew your membership of the Association, and just as easy to become a fully paid-up and active member. Simply click the ‘Pay with Card’ button at the bottom of the Join page.

Unregulated residential construction

In the face of widespread construction failures, Committee member Geoff Hanmer, in an op-ed in the SMH, explains how to ensure that residential buildings are well built, from the outset.

What does intelligent mobility add to sustainablilty?

Committee member Professor David Hensher hosts an important meeting exploring how to ensure that travel in the city region – urban mobility – is intelligent, user-focused, integrated, efficient and sustainable.

We finally know what Lendlease wants to build for their $200M site

Lendlease’s planning application for the Victoria Cross metro station site takes the form of an environmental impact statement. The document, prepared by Urbis consultants, has 159 pages and 35 appendices. The EIS is on exhibition during November and the Committee for North Sydney will be examining it closely during that time.