At the General Meeting of the Association for the Committee for North Sydney held on 25 June 2018, the Board appointed the foundation members of the Committee for Sydney.

Convenor of the Committee for North Sydney: Jeremy Dawkins

Members of the Committee for North Sydney: Kevin Alker, Iain Bartholomew, Terry Byrnes, Darrel Conybeare [withdrew July 2019], Jeremy Dawkins, Bruce Donald, Geoff Driscoll, Angus Finney, Dr Sid French, John Hancox, Ian Grey, Geoff Hanmer, Professor David Hensher , Professor Jon Lang, Genia McCaffery, Jan McCredie, Warren Marsh, Margaret Petrykowski, Robert Stitt, Bernard Smith, Professor Peter Webber [withdrew July 2019], Professor James Weirick and John Wyndham.

The record of the meeting is here.

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