Committee for North Sydney LAUNCHED!

Committee members and supporters gathered on the grassed area in front of the MLC Building in Miller Street, North Sydney, for the public launch of the Committee on 11 July 2018.

It’s quite a symbolic area: in front of the locally-listed MLC Building (1957, 14 storeys), on the 13 m forecourt, now possibly the best public open space in the city centre — which shows how little there is — and next to the metro site, where the popular and successful low-rise Tower Square was recently demolished by Sydney Metro.

Margaret Petrykowski addresses the gathering at the launch.

Ian Grey, President of the Association for the Committee for North Sydney, Jeremy Dawkins, Convenor of the Committee for North Sydney, Bruce Donald and Genia McCaffery also spoke.

The gathering was informed that the Committee for North Sydney had signed off on its initial documents (see the menu under Actions above), and that meetings had been held with Felicity Wilson, Tim Parker, Project Director for Sydney Metro, and Jilly Gibson. Meetings are being sought with other key stakeholders.

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