Mayor talks to Premier—about what?

Following the Council’s unanimous decision to write urgently to the Premier and Ministers for Planning and Transport, calling for a pause in Sydney Metro’s rush to lock in towers above its stations, Mayor Jilly Gibson was to have an outdoor meeting with the Premier on her Friday visit to the area.

The Council’s 30 July decision, supported by the Mayor, is reported in the most recent post, below.

According to an article in the Mosman Daily of 9 August, the Mayor’s agenda included, rightly, filtering the road tunnel stacks, compensation for tunnel disruptions, more open space, the closure of central Miller Street, and the undergrounding of the Berry ramp to the road tunnel. The Mayor told the Mosman Daily that she wants a ‘skypark’ on the roof of the 42-storey tower over the Victoria Cross station (notwithstanding the Council’s unanimous decision not to support Sydney Metro’s tower).

Surprisingly, there was no mention of asking the Premier for a pause in Sydney Metro’s fast-track process avoiding consultation and planning assessment.  Jeremy Dawkins, convenor of the Committee for Sydney, emailed Jilly, saying that the community would expect her to make a big issue of the Council’s unanimous resolutions at the last two meetings.

See the recent post, below, and the Mosman Daily article.

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