Sydney Metro: high-handed high rise!

On 1 July 2018 a unique NSW agency was born.

Sydney Metro, previously a project management office in Transport for NSW, acquired extraordinary powers by amendment of the Transport Administration Act.

(Creating a big, powerful urban corporation is transport administration?)

Sydney Metro is Jekyll and Hyde:

  • public transport engineer – and profit driven entrepreneur
  • place maker – yet it’s a PR machine loose with the facts
  • custodian of civic spaces – and terminator of them
  • builder of public works on public land – a and fast-tracked commercial developer
  • builder of state significant development – and promoter of private towers claiming the same privileges
  • a state agency that ‘helps create vibrant places and communities’ – yet its deals are secret, they’re ‘commercial in confidence’.

That explains why ‘over station development’ is really ‘over development’.

Sydney Metro: time to create value, not just capture value!

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