North Sydney association formed

The inaugural meeting of the an association to campaign for the long term improvement of North Sydney — formally known as the Association for the Committee for North Sydney Incorporated — was held on 9 May 2018.

This was the culmination of many meetings of Precinct Committees and of joint meetings of the leaders of the Edward, Lavender, Union, Waverton and Wollstonecraft Precinct Committees.

With a sense of urgency, given the pace of development in North Sydney and the impending planning determination of the office building on top of the Victoria Cross metro station, a small group was asked to get things moving.

The first step. after registering the association with the template constitution,  was to amend the constitution to reflect the precise purposes and structure intended for the Association and its Committee for North Sydney.  The decisions made at the meeting are here.

The Constitution of the Association for the Committee for North Sydney Incorporated is incorporated in the record of the meeting. The constitution may be seen here.

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