News in June 2020

There are widespread accounts about corporate management adapting to their staff working from home, about people doing all kinds of work — administration, management, PR, customer relations, education and training, sales, media broadcasting, even the performing arts — from home, and much debate about whether this is momentary or more permanent. At the same time, the technology for all of this appears to have rapidly developed — or at least the take-up of the technology has accelerated remarkably.

If we have lept forward in terms of technology, in take-up, and in expectations, maybe there will be significant changes in the structure of the city region, and in particular in the role of CBDs.

Maybe North Sydney has seen the last of the gigantic office towers for a while. That could be something of a pity, in that we got so little from this wave of commercial development and might have hoped that newer office towers might actually contribute meaningful benefits to the city centre. It might also mean that office space might attract a lower premium, so that a building like Lendlease’s tower over the metro station might be better able to afford some significant public functions inside the building, such as a city hall.