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The Facebook channel

Our Facebook page — not much more than a month old — is reaching 2000 people. OK, a lot of you don’t go near Facebook. And true, 2000 may not be a big population for the discussion of vital issues about the future of the North Sydney city centre. But these 2000 people are special: many are decision makers or connected to decision makers, or they’re active in their community and let the decision makers know what they think..

That’s enough for the decision makers to know that people care about these issues, and expect good planning and urban design. Our most widely shared post on Facebook was about the Chief Scientist’s submission to the Beaches Link EIS — expressing serious doubts about traffic forecasts and air quality predictions. Here’s the link. If you don’t look at Facebook, then here’s the link to the story on this website.

This community conversation matters. Please visit our Facebook page, #CteeNorthSydney. If you Like, Comment and above all Share to your network, you are sharing the facts, expanding the conversation and helping others join in.

What exactly is a “Say”?
What’s it worth?

How do you feel about “Have Your Say”?

The NSW Government wants you to Have Your Say. The North Sydney Council wants you to Have Your Say, again and again. When big issues are up for planning approval, Planning wants you to Have Your Say. TfNSW let you Have Your Say about the Bridge bike ramps.

Does it sound like “Have your say, and go away”?
Or “Have your say, it’s happening anyway”?

Most people might like to respond:
“I don’t want to Have My Say and go away. I want to know what and why. I want to be involved in deciding what should be done. I want the community to do part of the planning.”

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