News in February 2020

The planned Western Harbour Tunnel
Does it matter?

The EIS for the Western Harbour Tunnel and the connections to the Beaches Link is on exhibition until 30 March 2020.

The breaking news is this: NSW transport planners want the
North Sydney city centre to be one big transport interchange.

RMS has a simple solution for regional transport. Route the traffic and buses through the streets of North Sydney. No-one will care, it’s already a mish-mash, and who’s going to demand a better deal for North Sydney?* Whatever the NSW Government does to the city, the Council says “We’re fine with that”.

Here is a short explainer on some of the impacts of the new tunnels on the North Sydney city centre. Please read it and get involved.

* The Committee for North Sydney is here for the long term, to demand better for North Sydney. Join us.