News in December 2020

Delete the Berry Street on-ramp

The Committee for North Sydney wrote to the Mayor and Councillors of the North Sydney Council, encouraging them to read the Committee’s strategy for the North Sydney city centre, Five Big Ideas for the Future City Centre (read it here).

We encouraged the Councillors to join us in calling for the deletion of on-ramps to any future tunnels that used Berry Street, as we did previously, see News in July 2020.

We said:

“The city centre is immediately threatened by the misuse of Berry Street as an on-ramp for the Western Harbour Tunnel. The tunnel is regional infrastructure intended to help manage metropolitan road transport. It deliberately by-passes the Sydney city centre, but disrupts the North Sydney city centre.

“Obviously, the Western Harbour Tunnel should connect to expressways and arterials, not city streets. It should directly enable local and city centre improvements, not make the city centre worse. The Berry Street on-ramp is both bad planning and unnecessary.

“The tunnel, if it is built, can and should be built without the Berry Street on-ramp.”