Major statement on CROWS NEST by the Committee for North Sydney

In response to Sydney Metro’s efforts at ‘Early Community Engagement’ — after they have decided on the fate of Crows Nest — the Committee for North Sydney delivered to Sydney Metro, local members of Parliament, the Mayor and Councillors a clear statement about obvious conflicts of interest and other serious flaws in planning, transparency and governance in Sydney Metro’s attempts to lock in massive commercial development over both stations in the North Sydney city centre and Crows Nest, by avoiding normal, independent planning assessments.

The Committee for North Sydney condemned Sydney Metro’s truncated consultation and approval processes, warning that this approach ‘will generate anger, not agreement.’

Pointing out that the Government has just established an investigation into the corruption of planning approval processes and ‘decision-making governance’, the Committee for North Sydney said, ‘It is inevitable that the community will ask similar questions about Sydney Metro’s use of confidentiality and premature tenders to circumvent independent assessment.’

Read the statement here.

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